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Frequently Asked Questions about

We always try to keep our website as clear as possible. But, of course, we cannot avoid that some visitors occasionally approach our customer service with a question. And we don’t mind that at all! Our customer service is available for all our visitors every working day.

However, it is also convenient for you as a visitor to be able to look up the answer to your question yourself. On this page, we have noted down a number of questions that are most frequently asked of us. We have also written out the answers to these questions. Then you can continue quickly!

If your question is not listed and you would like to ask us, no problem! Contact us via the contact form, and we will help you as soon as possible.

General questions about

Below are questions about the website and the company behind

What is is a website where you can prepare for the CBR theory exam. On this website, you can practice your theory for free. But you can also purchase quality theory products with which you can really prepare well for the challenging theory exam. We have done our utmost to compile good theory products with which you can easily pass your theory. More information about can be found on this page.

Are you part of the CBR?

No, we are not part of the CBR. The CBR administers the theory exams, we create and sell products that you can use to practice for that theory exam. However, we closely monitor the CBR and ensure that our products always align well with the CBR exams. In that way, we are indeed connected to each other. But the CBR is an independent institute and does not involve itself with learning materials.

Are you registered in the commercial register?

Yes, we are registered in the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce. Our CoC number is 80009360 and is registered under the name of BomCommerce.

What do you consider a good way to practice?

We always recommend everyone to start with a free theory exam. Such a free exam allows you to take a snapshot of your theoretical knowledge. You know immediately after taking that exam how much you still need to learn to pass your theory. After that, you can continue to practice with an exam package or a learning package. Or, if you pass the free exam flawlessly, you can confidently head to the CBR for the theory exam.

Questions about logging in/registering

Below are all questions regarding logging in/registering a theory code.

How do I create an account with a theory code?

If you have purchased a theory code on our website, you can create an account on our login page. On this page, you enter your theory code, fill in your details, and create an account. This all should not take more than two minutes. So, you can get started quickly!

Where can I find your login page?

Visit our login page via this link.

Questions about our products

Below are questions about the products we offer on

Are your products up-to-date?

Yes, our products are up-to-date throughout the year with the latest requirements from the CBR and the newest traffic rules. This applies to our theory exams, as well as our theory books and online courses. It is vital for us that our customers pass their theory. That’s why we find it so important that our products are in sync with the latest CBR exams. Because only then is it possible to prepare well for the exam.

Which products do you recommend?

We always recommend choosing a mix of learning and practicing exams. And with that, we follow the order: first learn the theory and then take exams. If you don’t do well on the exams, go back to learning and focus on the parts you find difficult. Once you’ve relearned those, you can try your luck again on a number of exams. And in that way, you continue until you pass your theory with flying colors.

Can I practice your products on my phone as well?

Yes, that’s no problem. We have made an effort to make all our theory products suitable for mobile devices. And we have been very successful! However, it is true that in some cases it’s nicer to work on a larger screen with the theory. But that’s more because you can work on a bigger screen, and not because of any issue with our theory products.

Help! I can’t seem to pass. What should I do?

Don’t panic! Ultimately, everyone can pass the theory. Make sure you take the time to learn with our online theory course and our online theory book. Make summaries for yourself and keep track of which parts you find the most difficult. Those are the areas you need to focus on the most! Also, make sure you take a lot of exams because you learn a lot from taking exams. Check out our learning packages on our website.

Questions about our customer service

Below are some frequently asked questions about our customer service.

My question is not listed! What should I do now?

If you cannot find your question on this page, you can contact our customer service through our contact form. They are available every working day to help you out.

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