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Practice car theory


Practice motorcycle theory


Practice car theory

Preparing yourself for the theory exam is often a mix of learning driving license theory and practicing exams. And we always recommend that you first learn the driving license theory so that you have built up some theoretical knowledge.

Taking exams is very educational. When you take exams, you will quickly find out whether you have learned well enough or if you may have to spend a little more time practicing driving license theory.

Every learning product on our website contains online access to our online car theory book. This theory book is the best known and best-selling theory book in the Netherlands. Each package also includes access to a summary. With this you learn only the most important rules. And if you have learned well enough, you can get started with online car exam training. With this you can test your theory knowledge on dozens of car theory exams. In short: every leather product contains all components to prepare you well!

Practice motorcycle theory

We know few people who have the complete motorcycle theory innately in their heads. And that does not matter, because learning motorcycle driving license theory is very easy on Wegrijden.nl. And to help you with that, we have put together motorcycle theory exercise products. This allows you to practice and learn perfectly for your motorcycle driving license theory.

We have three different motorcycle theory products on our website. For example, we have a small product with which you can practice for a week. But we also have larger products that allow you to practice longer.

Each motorcycle theory product consists of an online theory book, an online summary of the motorcycle theory and online exam training. The combination of these three parts ensures that you can bring your theoretical knowledge to a high level. You will soon have no trouble answering all those difficult exam questions at the CBR. Because passing your motorcycle theory is what matters. Compare our products and start practicing motorcycle theory. Good luck!

Online learning is the trend

What do you do with a "real" theory book if you never have to use it again after you have passed your exam? Nothing right? A theory book is just collecting dust in the bookcase. And you often cannot give a theory book to someone else because the traffic rules and the exam requirements of the CBR often change. As a result, a theory book is quickly outdated and you cannot give it to a family member, friend or acquaintance. Learning from an old theory book can cause you to learn old / wrong theory rules.

So we believe in online theory learning. Because if something changes in traffic theory, we can adjust it very quickly on our online theory platform. So if you learn with our online products, you always learn the latest Dutch traffic rules.

Theory learning on the go

Do you always have a phone at hand? Wouldn't it be handy if you could easily log in to your theory account when you're on the road? All products on this site can be used completely online. So you can learn at home at the computer, but also when you are waiting for the bus. Being able to learn anytime and anywhere is important to us.

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