Practice theory exam

Test your knowledge of traffic theory with our realistic CBR theory exams!

Practice car exams

The more car theory exams you already take at home, the easier you will pass the real car theory exam. Because taking car theory exams is a great way to prepare yourself. Not only because you quickly understand how the CBR presents the exam questions to you. But also because you will undoubtedly answer many exam questions incorrectly and you can easily check all these exam questions again.

So you learn from your mistakes. And if you make sure that you do not answer those exam questions incorrectly again, then it is only a matter of time before you are prepared for your car exam very well. Our products will help you with that.

Practice with motor exams

We sometimes hear people say: if you take enough exams at home, you can easily pass your motor theory exam. And although we always recommend everyone to first learn the theory with a book or online course, we certainly understand that it is said. Because practicing motor theory exams provides a good knowledge of motor theory.

We keep an eye on the CBR exams throughout the year. We do this because we want to ensure that our motor theory exams match the 'real' exam that you will have to take at the CBR as closely as possible. So do you practice at home for your theory exam? Then you can use our exams to check whether you are ready for the real exam. Good luck!

The latest exams, also in English

This site owes its popularity to learning resources that are always up-to-date with the latest exam requirements. So what you learn with our learning resources matches as closely as possible with the knowledge you need to be able to pass the CBR theory exam.

When we add new exam questions in Dutch to our exam training, we also add them directly to our English exam training. In this way we also keep our English exams up to date.

All real online theory exams in English

At the CBR it is possible to get a car driving license as a non-Dutch speaking person. The exam will then be taken in English.

To make it possible to prepare you as an English speaker for this exam, we have translated all our learning resources into English. We had this done by a professional translation agency, so that it is easy to read for you as an English speaker.

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