Theory book

Study the CBR theory with an online theory book

Car theory book

Do you want to learn for the car driving license theory?

Then make sure you buy a practice product with access to our online car theory book. An online book is one of the best ways to learn driving license theory. A book contains clear examples, images, illustrations and explanations. These parts make it easy to understand and remember the difficult theory material.

You only have to read the book once to build up a fairly good theoretical knowledge. If you then start with our exam training, which is also part of every package, then you are already well on the way! So take a look at our page about the car theory book. Everything is explained on that page. You can also purchase a theory product on that page. Good luck!

Motorcycle theory book

Can't wait to get your motorcycle driver's license? Then you will first have to pass the motorcycle theory exam. We believe the formula for success is a combination of learning theory and practicing motorcycle theory exams. We have based our motorcycle learning products on this success formula: these all consist of a combination of learning products such as a motorcycle theory book and a motorcycle theory summary, and of the practice product exam training, with which you can take many motorcycle theory exams.

We always advise everyone to start by reading the online motorcycle book. In that book the theory material is explained very clearly and you see all kinds of clear examples and images / illustrations with the material. This really brings the theory material to life and that not only makes learning theory more fun, it also makes it easier to remember the theory material. Take a look at our page about our online motorcycle book for more information.

Theory for the Dutch driving license, written in English

The theory book that we offer online is written to teach you Dutch traffic theory. The fact that the book is written in English does not mean that the content differs from the Dutch theory book.

The same aspects that make the Dutch theory book so popular and successful, also ensure that the English theory book is one of the most appreciated theory books.

Always up to date. Also in English!

We keep all our learning resources up to date with the latest traffic rules throughout the year. And we also do that for our English-language products.

We have professional translators available all year round to translate our learning resources. So if a traffic rule changes, or if the CBR changes something, we immediately implement this in our English-language learning resources.

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