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'5 hours' is perfect if you ...
... know the material well and want to brush up on your knowledge even more

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... have one more day to practice for the theory exam.

'15 hours' is perfect if you ...
... have not yet taken many theory exams and you want to prepare well for the CBR theory exam.

The secret to passing your motorcycle theory exam

Practicing for your driving license motorcycle theory exam is in many cases a matter of learning the theory and then taking many motorcycle exams at home.

If you have taken many motorcycle exams, you will start to recognize the questions at some point. You will then immediately know the answers. You also start to understand how the CBR devises the exam questions. You understand the logic and can get the answers faster. All this makes it easier to pass the difficult motorcycle exam.


Start practicing immediately for your motorcycle theory exam!


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Step 3: Start practicing
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Work on your "exam rhythm" with our 25 motorcycle theory exams!

The more exams you take, the easier it gets. It's that simple. Practicing motorcycle theory exam is mainly about making as many motorcycle theory exams as possible.

Taking many exams has several advantages, such as:

  • You learn to understand the way of questioning
  • You learn from your mistakes
  • You remember the answers to common questions
  • You know when you are ready for the real exam

So: the more motorcycle exams you take at home, the more likely you are to pass the motorcycle theory exam.


Uniquely good motorcycle theory exams

The internet is nowadays full of bad exams. Both free exams and (expensive) paid exams are offered through different channels. It's easy to fool website visitors and sell poor quality exams. But we absolutely do not participate. With us you only practice with motorcycle theory exams that connect seamlessly with the real CBR motorcycle theory exam. Because practicing motorcycle theory exam is only useful if you do that with qualitative motorcycle theory exams.

Passing the motorcycle theory test is not easy at all!

That is ... if you haven't prepared well.

The motorcycle theory exam consists of 50 exam questions and you have a total of 25 minutes to answer all exam questions. So you have about two minutes per question. That may sound like a long time, but in practice it always turns out to be a bit short. So there is also time pressure that you have to take into account.

By preparing well at home, you will be able to easily answer any exam question at the CBR. The more exams you take at home, the easier it gets.

Practice motorcycle theory exam at home

Get started with super realistic motorcycle theory exams on your own computer, tablet or smartphone. Not only the exam questions are very similar to the exam questions of the CBR, the technique used is also almost the same, so you really end up in a realistic exam environment.

We believe that is the only way to properly prepare for the exam!

Order an exam package at the top of this page and receive an access code from us with which you can create an account. You can then immediately start to practice motorcycle theory exam!


Learn from each exam question

Every motorcycle exam question can be a learning moment for you. Whether you answered it right or wrong. Therefore, every exam ends with a comprehensive error analysis. This makes it easy to see which questions you answered correctly or incorrectly. Each exam question also contains an answer motivation. You will learn why a question is right or wrong.

Make sure you pay enough attention to the exam questions you answered incorrectly. So learn from your mistakes. It is a shame to answer the same question incorrectly more often.

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Including hazard perception

According to the latest CBR method

Educational error analysis

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