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Our advice: you will pass the fastest if you practice many motorcycle theory exams at home

By practicing frequently at home, you become accustomed to the pressure and format of the motorcycle CBR exam. Our practice exams not only provide knowledge but also the confidence needed to pass.

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The secret to passing your motorcycle theory test

The real secret to passing your motorcycle theory test? Practice, practice, and practice some more! By regularly taking online motorcycle theory tests, you become familiar with the type of questions you can expect.

Over time, you’ll recognize the types of questions and the way they are asked more quickly. You start to understand how the CBR (Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing) thinks. This recognition ensures that you can provide the correct answers more smoothly and with greater confidence. So, do you want to go to the CBR for your motorcycle theory test with confidence? Start practicing today!

Work on your exam rhythm to prepare for your motorcycle theory exam!


Why is it good to practice motorcycle theory tests on

Prepare optimally for your CBR exam with the most realistic motorcycle theory tests online, available on

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Work on your 'exam rhythm' with our 25 motorcycle theory tests!

The more exams you take, the easier it becomes. It’s as simple as that. Practicing motorcycle theory tests is mainly about taking as many motorcycle theory tests as possible.

Taking many tests has several advantages, such as:

  • You learn to understand the way questions are asked
  • You learn from your mistakes
  • You remember the answers to common questions
  • You know when you’re ready for the real exam

So: the more motorcycle tests you do at home, the greater the chance that you will pass the motorcycle theory test later on.

Werk aan examenritme met motor theorie examens die je online kunt oefenen

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View some screenshots of our online motorcycle theory exams below!

Unique and high quality motorcycle theory exam tests.

Unique high-quality motorcycle theory tests

The internet is full of poor quality tests these days. Both free tests and (expensive) paid tests are offered through various channels. It’s easy to deceive website visitors and sell them low-quality exams, but we absolutely do not participate in that. With us, you practice only with motorcycle theory exams that perfectly match the actual CBR motorcycle theory test. Because practicing motorcycle theory tests is only useful if you do it with high-quality motorcycle theory exams.

Learn from every exam question

Every motorcycle exam question can be a learning opportunity for you, whether you answer it correctly or incorrectly. That’s why every Wegrijden exam ends with an extensive error analysis. This allows you to easily see which questions you answered correctly or incorrectly. Each exam question also includes an answer rationale. This helps you understand why an answer is right or wrong.

Make sure you pay enough attention to the exam questions you answered incorrectly. Learn from your mistakes. It is a waste to answer the same question incorrectly multiple times.

Learn from every exam question that you get.

Passing the motorcycle theory test is not at all easy!

At least… if you’re not well-prepared.

The motorcycle theory exam consists of 50 questions, and you have a total of 25 minutes to answer all of them. This means you have an average of half a minute per question. That might seem ample, but often in practice, that time is too short. So, there is definitely time pressure to take into account.

By preparing well at home, you will later be able to answer each exam question at the CBR with ease. The more exams you take at home, the easier it gets.

Practicing the motorcycle theory exam at home

Practice with super realistic motorcycle theory exams on your own computer, tablet, or smartphone. Not only are the exam questions very similar to those of the CBR, but the technology used is almost identical. This way, you really enter a realistic exam environment.

We believe this is the only way to properly prepare for the exam!

Order an exam package at the top of this page and immediately receive an access code from us with which you can create an account. Then you can start practicing the motorcycle theory exam right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some questions that we often receive through our customer service below.

How can I order these exams?

At the top, you can choose from three exam packages. Select one of the three packages and add it to your shopping cart. After you have paid, we will automatically send you a code. With that code, you can create an account on our theory platform. So, you can start practicing right away!

How long can I use this package?

Our exam packages offer varying hours of exam training, tailored to your study needs. With options for 5, 10, or 15 hours of training, each package grants you an equivalent amount of time to practice. This time is counted only as you actively use the exams, allowing you to spread out your practice sessions as needed. If you find you need more time, you can easily add hours to continue training without interruption.

Are these the ‘real’ exams?

We do our best to keep all our exams as similar as possible to the ‘real’ CBR theory exam. This way, you can prepare yourself in the best possible way for the final exam.

Do these exams also work on my computer?

Yes, this software works on all computers with the internet, so it will work on your computer too. Whether you have a Mac or a PC, you can practice for your theory exam. The exams even work on a tablet or a smartphone.

Which exam package is right for me?

Choosing the right exam package depends on your current level of preparedness and how intensively you wish to practice. If you’re new to motorcycle theory or prefer extensive preparation, the 15-hour package is advisable as it provides ample time to familiarize yourself with various question types and exam formats. For those with some knowledge who need moderate preparation, the 10-hour package offers a balanced approach. Meanwhile, the 5-hour package is suitable for quick revisions or if you already have a strong grasp of the material. Remember, you can always extend your practice time by adding more hours later.

How do I receive these exams?

We send you an access code immediately after payment, with which you can create an account on our login page. Creating such an account is very simple. Instructions on how to do this are explained in the email you receive from us.

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