Practice driving license theory for free

We have provided free practice material that you can practice with for your driving license theory

Free car theory


Free motorcycle theory


Free car theory

You can practice car theory for free at! We have one free car theory exam that you can practice with. This exam is complete (65 exam questions, just like the CBR) and very similar to the real car theory exam. And because we offer this exam for free, you can get started for your car theory for free!

If you want to continue practicing afterwards, which we definitely recommend, you can easily buy a theory code. You can then practice with more exams, or with an online theory book or theory summary. It is always good to start with free theory. Because with that you can quickly gauge how far you are in terms of theory knowledge. Goodluck!

Free motorcycle theory

How far are you already with your motorcycle theory? Have you already learned? Simply test it out with our free motorcycle theory test! We have compiled a free motorcycle theory exam for you that is very similar to the real CBR exam. So do you make this free exams error-free? Then there is nothing to worry about and you can go to the CBR with peace of mind. Are you making too many mistakes? Then you have to prepare a little better. And don't worry about that. Because on this website there are enough learning resources with which you can better understand the theory.

Free English learning resources

It has long been extremely popular on our Dutch theory site: Free practice for the theory exam. And that is why we find it important to be able to offer the theory to our visitors for free on our English-language site. By getting acquainted with our products for free, you will find out whether our products meet your expectations. If that is the case, you can of course continue to practice with a complete theory package.

Compare it with trying on shoes in the shoe store: you first want to try on the shoe before you buy it. If they are comfortable, you buy them. If you like our free theory, you can also buy one of our theory packages with confidence.

Free driving license exam

We have made a free exam available for both the car and the motorcycle theory exam. This is a full exam, just like with the CBR. You also really get to see the end result. So be careful with this free exam. The second time you make it it is different because you already know the answer to a number of questions. So sit down for a while, make sure you cannot be distracted and do your best for this exam. Good luck!

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