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Do you want to practice theory exam? And do you want to pass your theory exam quickly? Then you are at the right place on! Practice with our products and we ensure that you succeed quickly.

Practicing for your driving license theory is never fun. We know that. That is why we have done our best to keep our products as fun as possible. For example, our online theory course is full of clear images, videos and examples. We have also fully focused on unique, very realistic theory exams that are very similar to the exams of the CBR, so you can test yourself well at home on your theory knowledge!

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Practice for the theory exam

Before you can get your car, motorcycle or moped / scooter driver's license, you must obtain a theory certificate from the CBR. You will receive that theory certificate if you pass the theory exam.

And that is unfortunately not an easy exam! Of all candidates who take the theory exam, 53 percent fail the first time (source: So that's more than half of the people! And why don't those people succeed? This is because they underestimated the exam and for that reason have practiced too little. So they have not invested enough time or they have not practiced with the right products. Our tip is: make sure you have enough time and practice with our products. Then we ensure that you succeed quickly!

Is preparing for the driving license theory exam free?

Our free driving license theory exams are extremely popular on our website. And that is not surprising, because with the free exams you can check at home how you are doing in terms of theory knowledge. Are you answering all questions incorrectly? Then there is still a lot of work to be done! And do you answer quite a few questions correctly? Then you are on the right track. After taking a free exam, you can choose to buy more exams. You will then receive an access code with which you can log in directly into your own account.

If you really want to practice well, take a look at our "online learning and practice" packages. In addition to theory exams, these packages also offer study material such as an online theory book and an online summary of the theory.

Theory books

Still very popular among our customers: theory books. A theory book is ideal if you want to learn all the theory material. And because all our theory books are available online, you can read the theory book anywhere. Wherever you are!

We ensure that our theory books are always up-to-date with the latest traffic rules and the latest requirements of the CBR. Became curious? For more information, click on your category theory book: Car theory book or Motorcycle theory book


We strive to increase the success rate of the driving license theory test by offering optimal preparation on this website and collecting all information about the driving license theory test.

If you are looking for an exam package, you can find everything about our exam packages on this page. If you prefer to learn from a theory book, you can find information about our (online) theory books on this page. Would you prefer a complete package with everything in it? Then you can look at this page. However you plan to use this website, we wish you lots of success practicing for your driving license theory exam!

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