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Practice for your motorcycle driving license theory with a motorcycle theory learning product!

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Motorcycle Theory Small

€ 35,95

1 week online motor theory book

5 hours motor online exam training

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Motorcycle Theory Medium

€ 51,50 € 64,95

2 weeks online motor theory book

10 hours motor exam training

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Motorcycle Theory Large

€ 58,- € 79,95

4 weeks online motor theory book

15 hours motor examen training

Practice motorcycle driving license theory in three simple steps:


Step 1: Choose product
Compare the three theory products and choose the product that suits you best. Pay the package securely via internet banking.

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Step 2: Check your email
Immediately after payment, we sent an access code to you by email. So check your email and check your code.


Step 3: Register code, start practicing!
Create a theory account with the code from your email. You can immediately start practicing with your account. Good luck!

The two parts of our motorcycle driving license theory products

We have years of experience in guiding people to a successful driving license theory exam. We have the experience that people pass the exam the fastest if they combine a learning product (like an online theory book) with good exam training. These two ‘elements’ therefore provide a perfect preparation for the difficult motorcycle theory exam. Read below what each part entails.

Online motorcycle driving license theory book
Read the online motorcycle driving license theory book whenever and wherever you want! The book contains all the theory you need to know to pass the exam. The text is described in an understandable way so that you can easily read and remember the material. Be surprised by the smart examples that clarify the sometimes somewhat difficult material.

This section gives you access to:
The online version of the best-selling motorcycle theory book in the Netherlands
A qualitative theory book full of photos, examples and illustrations
A smart online system that allows you to easily browse through the book
Full-screen functionality that allows you to read the book in full screen size

Online motorcycle exam training
How well do you already know the motorcycle theory? You can find out with our motorcycle exam training! Practice with 25 unique and very recent motorcycle theory exams. The software that runs the exam training is very similar to the software that the CBR uses. So you will have the same exam experience at home!

This section gives you access to:
Examination technique according to CBR method
Choice of 25 unique motor exams
Hundreds of practice questions
Personal error bank


Online motorcycle exam training

The 'motorcycle exam training' part is by far the most popular part of our theory platform. Because taking exams is an important part of motor theory practice. Especially since it can be very educational!

You will find out how well you know the theory, how many mistakes you make, which parts you find difficult and which subjects you find easy. In short: the more motorcycle exams you take at home, the easier it will be for you to pass the motor theory exam.

Examination technique according to CBR method

Choice of 25 unique motor exams

Hundreds of practice questions

Personal error bank

Online motorcycle theory book

Do you want to be able to browse an motorcycle theory book online? Smart, because that is a very good way of practicing motor theory!

With every learning package you get online access to the full theory book of VekaBest, which is the best-selling theory book in the Netherlands. The online theory book is updated all year round so that it is always in line with the latest traffic rules and requirements of the CBR. And you can easily access the book on any online device, so you have it anywhere, anytime!

Read the book online, on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone!

Each book is packed with useful illustrations, beautiful images and clear examples

We keep the book up-to-date all year round with the latest traffic rules and requirements of the CBR


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our products? Take a look at the questions and answers below. Who knows, your question may also be listed!

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