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Practice for your car driving license theory for free at home!


Free car theory exam

The free car theory exam consists of 65 questions, of which 25 questions are hazard perception and 40 questions are traffic rules and traffic insight. Good luck!

Practice free car theory?

You can try the online theory for free at!

Are you practicing for your car theory and would you like to try for free whether you would pass the car theory exam? Then you are on the right page! We offer you the perfect opportunity to try our online theory software for free. You can immediately start a car theory exam by pressing the button 'Start free car theory exam' at the top. The car exam then starts in a pop-up. So you can get started right away!

Extensive results screen
You will see the results screen at the end of the free exam. You will immediately see your results in that screen. So you immediately know whether you have passed or failed. We recommend that you go through all the exam questions again and read the answer motivations carefully. These can be very educational. Good luck taking the exam!


Super realistic exams. Practice for your car theory exam for free.

If you want to practice at home for your car theory, you want to practice with exams that are similar to the real exam at the CBR. And that is exactly what you get when you practice with our free car exam. We have tried to simulate the 'real' exam as best we can. Not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of questions. This allows you to practice very exam-oriented. Because if you pass our exams, you will probably also pass the CBR exam. And that is what it is all about! Take the test yourself by starting the exam. You will see that it is not an easy exam. So it is important to prepare well!

What is free must remain free

We think it is very important that our visitors have the opportunity to prepare for the car theory exam at the CBR for free. Because we think it is only logical that you want to try our software before purchasing a product from us. That is why we do not make any concessions. Our free exams are of the same quality as our other exams.

Practicing with a free exam is often not enough
But we also know that practicing with a free exam is not enough to obtain the car theory certificate. If you want to be sure that you will succeed at the CBR in the future, it is wise to purchase a product on our website. With such a product you can practice with dozens of theory exams. To succeed you have to practice well for your car theory. We would like to help you with that!


If you want to continue practicing your car theory after this, what should you do?

What we recommend you to do after you have practiced for free depends on your current theory knowledge. Passing your car theory is very simple: you must first learn the theory and then you must start with online exams. So if you are not yet familiar with the theory, we recommend that you take a look at our learning products page. This page contains all the products you can use to practice your car theory.

What if you have already learned a lot?
If you have already learned a lot, or if you already have a product with which you can learn (for example a car theory book), we recommend that you purchase an exam product. With an exam product you can get started with 40 (!) unique car theory exams. The more exams you take, the more likely you are to pass the CBR. We therefore always recommend that you take many exams.

How do we get our car theory exams?

Our car theory exams (unfortunately) did not just come out of the blue. It is an ongoing process for us to keep a close eye on the CBR exams. We investigate which exam questions are relevant and we check whether our teaching material matches this.

We are keen on improvements all year round
We also look at changes in traffic rules throughout the year and make adjustments to our traffic learning resources where necessary. So we are working on it all year round. The result: high-quality theory products that enable our customers to succeed quickly. Because that's what it's all about with us!

Get started with 40 unique exams!

You practice for your theory by taking many car theory exams. It's that simple. You learn a lot from every exam taken. You will probably have noticed that with our free exam. You read which questions you answered incorrectly and you learn from them. You will answer those questions well in the next exam. That's how you progress.

You don't have to do it alone. We are happy to help you pass your exam. Read more about our car exams by clicking the button below.

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