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5 hours exam training

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10 hours exam training

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15 hours English Car Exam Training

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5 hours is perfect if you ...
... have already learned a lot and want to test yourself for the last time

10 hours is perfect if you ...
... have one more day to practice for the theory exam.

15 hours is perfect if you ...
... have not yet taken many online theory exams and you want to prepare well for the CBR theory exam.

We help you pass your car theory exam

Believe us: We will get you through that annoying theory exam as soon as possible. Then you can focus on driving lessons and driving again!

When you practice with our exams at home, it is like taking a real CBR exam. Because our exams are the same as the exams of the CBR. So do you practice enough exams at home? Then you will not be faced with surprises.

More than a hundred thousand people have already passed their theory exam thanks to Can we help you too?


Starting to practice for your car theory exam is very simple!


Step 1: Choose a product
Order one of our products and pay securely via your own bank with iDeal, Paypal or Credit card.

Notificatie e-mail nieuw bericht met toegangscode om in te loggen voor het auto theorie-examen

Step 2: Check your email
After payment you will immediately receive an email with your personal access code with which you can start your exams.


Step 3: Start practicing
You can get started in minutes. Start practicing for the theory exam on our website today. Good luck!

Start practicing car theory exam right away

On this page you can order car theory exams. Once you have paid for the product, you can immediately start practicing. Because immediately after payment we will send you an access code with which you can create an account. With that account you can log in wherever you are and on whatever device you want to practice. The account can also be used on a tablet or smartphone!

Take a lot of car theory exams

To prepare well for your car theory exam, it is recommended to take many car theory exams. You learn a lot from the exam questions you answered incorrectly. You will also enter an 'exam rhythm'. If you hold onto that until you have to take the real exam, you are more likely to perform well on the real exam.


Question types car theory exam

There are several types of questions that you must answer during the car theory exam. By default, it starts with hazard recognition questions, where you see a picture of a situation and you have to estimate the safest option to do: brake, release the gas or 'do nothing'.

Then come questions that test your traffic insight and traffic knowledge. The answer options are different. These can be yes / no questions, but you also have input questions where you have to enter a maximum speed yourself, for example. Brand new are the 'hotspot questions' and the 'drag questions', here you have to point to a part of the image or drag answer options to the image.

Opbouw auto theorie-examen

Slagen voor het auto examen is helemaal niet makkelijk. Dat blijkt al snel als je je bedenkt hoe weinig vragen je fout mag beantwoorden.

In totaal bestaat het auto examen uit 65 vragen. Die vragen zijn als volgt opgebouwd:

  • 25 vragen gevaarherkenning
  • 30 vragen verkeersregels
  • 10 vragen verkeersinzicht

Van de 25 gevaarherkenningsvragen moet je minimaal 13 van de 25 vragen goed beantwoorden. En van de 40 verkeersregels en verkeersinzicht-vragen moet je minimaal 35 van de 40 vragen goed beantwoorden. Je mag dus niet al te veel vragen fout beantwoorden. Een goede voorbereiding is een aanrader! Start snel met auto theorie examen oefenen op Wij hebben de meest realistische online auto theorie-examens van Nederland.

Always the latest exam questions

We want our customers to succeed. That is why we try to match our car exams as closely as possible with the exams of the CBR. Not only do we try to imitate the technique used by the CBR. We also do our best to include as many CBR questions in our exams as possible. This allows you to train very exam-oriented with our exams.

Not enough credit? No problem!

On this page you can choose an exam package of 5, 10 or 15 hours of exam training. The more hours you buy at one time, the less you pay per hour. But once you get started with your exams and you run out of credit, that's no problem. You can easily upgrade your credit within your account.

Why do all Dutch people practice on for their driving license theory?

Direct access to exams

Including hazard perception

According to the latest CBR method

Educational error analysis

Safe checkout

Easy credit upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions

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