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On this page, you can order online car theory exams. If you order and pay for these, you can start practicing with them right away. Because we send you an access code immediately after payment with which you can create an account. With that account, you can log in anytime and anywhere, no matter where you are or on which device you want to practice. The account can also be used on a tablet or smartphone!

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To prepare well for your car theory exam, it is advisable to take many car theory exams. You learn a lot from all the questions answered incorrectly and you get into an ‘exam rhythm’ that you need to perform well at the real exam later on.

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Question types car theory exam

Types of questions in the car theory exam

During the car theory exam, you will encounter different types of questions. The exam starts with hazard perception questions. Here an image of a traffic situation is shown and your task is to determine what the safest action is: braking, releasing the gas, or ‘doing nothing’.

Then you get questions that test your traffic knowledge and insight. The method of answering varies. These can be yes/no questions, for example, but there are also open questions where you have to fill in an answer such as a maximum speed yourself. There are also ‘hotspot questions’, where you have to point out a specific point in an image, and ‘drag-and-drop questions’, where you have to drag answer options to a certain part of the image.

Structure of the car theory exam

Passing the car theory exam is not at all easy. This becomes apparent when you consider how few questions you are allowed to answer incorrectly.

The car theory exam consists of a total of 65 questions. These questions are structured as follows:

  • 25 questions on hazard perception
  • 30 questions on traffic rules
  • 10 questions on traffic insight

Out of the 25 questions on hazard perception, you must answer at least 13 out of 25 questions correctly. And out of the 40 questions on traffic rules and traffic insight, you must answer at least 35 out of 40 questions correctly. So, you cannot answer too many questions incorrectly. Good preparation is recommended! Start practicing for the car theory exam quickly on We have the most realistic online car theory exams in the Netherlands.

Always the latest exam questions

We want our customers to pass. That’s why we try to align our car theory exams as closely as possible with the exams from the CBR. We not only emulate the technique used by the CBR, but we also do our best to incorporate as many of the same types of questions into our exams. This allows you to train very exam-focused with our exams.

Not enough credit? No problem!

Choosing a package depends on your current understanding and how thoroughly you want to practice. A larger package may benefit beginners needing extensive study, while a smaller one could suffice for quick refreshers. Selecting more hours of exam training is cost-effective and especially useful for beginners needing comprehensive practice. For a focused review or a quick brush-up, fewer hours might suffice. If you need additional time, it’s simple to add more hours directly from your account for uninterrupted preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have answered some questions that we often receive through our customer service.

How can I order these exams?

You can pay quickly, safely, and easily with online banking.

How long can I use this package?

You can use the exams as long as you need until you have completed all the exams you have purchased.

How can I practice with these exams?

Our exam questions are largely identical to those of the CBR, which means you’re preparing with questions that are very similar to what you can expect on the actual exam. This provides you with an authentic practice experience and helps you become familiar with the exam environment, significantly reducing exam stress.

Will this software work on my computer?

Yes, this software works on all computers with internet access, including your computer. Whether you have a Mac or a PC, you can practice for your theory exam. The exams even work on a tablet or smartphone.

How will I receive these exams?

You will receive a code via email that you can use to log in. So, you can start taking exams immediately.

Which exam package is right for me?

The right exam package for you depends on your familiarity with the material and your study preferences. If you’re starting fresh, a larger package with more hours allows for in-depth practice. For those seeking a brief review, a smaller package may be adequate. You can always add more hours as needed.

Are your theory exams the same as those from the CBR?

The setup and structure of our practice exams closely align with those of the CBR. While our exams and those of the CBR are not identical, we continually strive to ensure that our questions are as close as possible to the real CBR questions. We keep our material updated and improved based on feedback and the latest insights to offer you a realistic practice experience. Although the exact content of the CBR exam is confidential, we aim to prepare you as well as possible for what to expect.

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