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Car Theory Small

€ 39,25

1 week online car theory book

1 week online car theory summary

5 hours car exam training

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Car Theory Medium

€ 56,50 € 69,95

2 weeks online car theory book

2 weeks online car theory summary

10 hours car exam training

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Car Theory Large

€ 64,75 € 84,95

4 weeks online car theory book

4 weeks online car theory summary

15 hours car exam training

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All our car theory products consist of three parts

You can practice car theory on And on this page you will find three practice products to choose from. Each package contains the same parts: an online theory book, an online summary of the theory and online exam training. The difference is in the credit: the larger the product, the more credit you get per part. Read more about the different parts on this page.

Online car theory book
Read the complete car theory in our online car theory book.
Online version of the best
selling car theory book in the Netherlands
Full of photos and illustrations
Always up to date

Online car exam training
Test your theory knowledge with online theory exams! These exams ensure that you are ready for your real exam in no time!
According to CBR method
Choice of 40 unique exams
Hundreds of practice questions

Online car theory summary
Learn the car theory super fast by going through the summary!
Only the most important theory rules
Super fast learning
Useful reference book

Online car theory book

Read all about the car driving license theory in the online car theory book of VekaBest. This is the best-selling car theory book in the Netherlands. The theory book is always up-to-date with the latest requirements of the CBR and with the latest traffic rules. The book is full of photos, examples and illustrations. This makes practicing car theory even easier!

Online version of the best-selling theory book in the Netherlands

Full of photos and illustrations

Always up to date

Car theory book learn
Practice car theory

Online car exam training

Each product contains an 'exam training' component. This allows you to test whether you have learned the theory material well enough to pass the theory exam.

The more exams you take, the better you get at it. That is why we have made no fewer than 40 unique theory exams with which you can practice! In addition, the exam training contains hundreds of practice questions and a personal error bank where you can recreate the questions you answered incorrectly. That is very educational!

The exams are similar to the CBR exams. So if you pass these exams, you will probably also pass the CBR!

Comparable to CBR method

40 unique exams

Personal error bank

Hundreds of practice questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about practicing your car driving license theory online at We have listed the most frequently asked questions below.

Do you have more questions? Please contact us through our customer service. We are happy to help you.

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