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An motorcycle theory book is by far the most widely used means of practice for the CBR motorcycle driving license theory exam. Because an motorcycle theory book explains the theory in a very accessible way.

The book contains all traffic and theory rules that you need to know for the exam. And because it is not always easy or fun to read, there are more than enough images, illustrations and examples added to the text that make it easier for you to understand and remember all those rules.

In short: if you want to practice for your motorcycle theory, having a motorcycle theory book is definitely recommended!


The most famous and most acclaimed motorcycle theory book in the Netherlands, completely online

Our online motorcycle theory book is the digital version of the best-known and best-selling motorcycle theory book in the Netherlands: the VekaBest motorcycle theory book.

The motorcycle theory book is written by a whole team of theory experts and traffic experts. They ensure that the book is up-to-date all year round with the latest requirements of the CBR and with the latest traffic rules.

Because so much attention is paid to the book all year round, the quality of the theory book cannot be compared with theory books from other providers. Fortunately, the results are also positive: customers who practice with our book pass their theory exam much faster. And that is what it is all about in the end: delivering quality so that our customers succeed faster! Can we also help you succeed? Choose a theory product on this page and start practicing.

Immerse yourself in the motorcycle theory with the online version of the motorcycle theory book!

The book can therefore be read online. And that you can read the book online has numerous advantages compared to a "normal" theory book. For example, you can:

Navigate easily between the different pages and chapters

Search the text with the handy search function

Enable full-screen mode so that you see the book on the entire screen

Read the motorcycle theory book on any device with an internet connection, so on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Wherever you are and whenever you want!


Get started with the online theory course and exam training

The motorcycle driving license theory book is not the only part of our motorcycle learning products. Each learning product consists of the following two parts:

  • Online theory book
  • Online exam training

These two parts form the ideal way of theory preparation. First you can learn the theory from the online theory book. And then you practice exams with the online exam training.

Taking exams gives a good idea of your current theory level. it also exposes your weaknesses. You still have to work on that. You can improve yourself by using the theory book. This way you keep getting better!

After payment we send an access code by email. So you can start practicing right away!

If you choose one of the packages on this page, you can start practicing immediately after payment. Our system works with an access code that we send to our customers by email. You will receive this code automatically after our system sees that the payment has been successful. So you can start practicing right after checkout and don't have to wait for anything!

The complete motorcycle traffic theory in 14 chapters and 300 pages!

The book consists of 14 chapters and consists of 300 pages. Each chapter covers a different part of the CBR theory. And the chapters follow each other in a logical order.

This motorcycle theory book is anything but boring and dusty, like so many other theory books. The book contains numerous illustrations, illustrations and examples that bring the theory to life. This makes it easy to visualize what you are reading.

In short: If you want to practice for your motorcycle theory, an motorcycle theory book is an absolute must. Choose one of the packages on this page and you can start directly with the motorcycle theory book.

We only work with online theory books

At we only work with online theory books. We have decided to do this because the traffic rules and requirements of the CBR are changed so often that we want to provide our customers with the latest book at all times. And that is only possible if we offer it online. With every adjustment we make, we ensure that we put a new version of the theory book online. In this way, our customers can always practice their motorcycle theory with the latest teaching materials.

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