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Practice for free at home for your motorcycle theory!


Free motorcycle theory exam

The motor theory exam consists of 50 questions. You may only answer 6 of these questions incorrectly. Good luck taking the exam!

Free motorcycle practice theory test?

On you can try out the online motorcycle theory for free!

How well do you know the motorcycle theory? Would you pass if you had to take an exam today? Or would you go off mercilessly? Test it for free with our free motorcycle theory test.

Only at Real online motorcycle theory exams
You can search online for online exams, but only on you will find exams that are really comparable to the CBR exams. Try one for free!

All motorcycle theory on this page is free
The free motorcycle exam on this page contains 50 questions that test your traffic knowledge and insight. Any question in the free motorcycle exam can literally come back to the exam at the CBR. So pay close attention!


Difference between our exam & the CBR exam

We take our online exams very seriously. Because if our exams were not comparable to those of the CBR, what would be the benefit for our customers? Exactly: nothing!

And that is why we do our best all year round to compare our exams with the latest CBR exams. We believe that is the best way for our customers to pass the motorcycle theory test. That is what we believe in and what we stand for.

Fortunately, we hear from our customers day in and day out that they have succeeded because they have practiced with our products. For us, that is the motivation to continue with what we prefer to do: make people pass the theory exam. Can we also help you succeed?

Why do we offer the motorcycle driving license theory for free?

We are often asked why we give away so much free motorcycle theory. We can also make our visitors pay for everything! Yes that's right. But that is not what we stand for.

The exam is often underestimated. Maybe not by you, but by many others who will soon have to go to the CBR for the motorcycle theory exam. They think they will pass the exam easily, only to find out at the CBR that they should have practiced better.

By practicing a free motor theory exam at home, you will immediately notice that it is not so easy to pass the motorcycle theory exam. It is quite a tough exam! And good preparation is crucial if you want to pass that exam. It is therefore important to try an exam for free if you are preparing for the motorcycle theory exam. You can think of it as a kind of measurement of your theory knowledge at the start of your preparation. But you can also use it as a kind of final measurement, after which you check whether you are ready to succeed at the CBR.

We don't care how you use the free motorcycle theory test. We think it is important to make a free motorcycle theory exam available. And we will continue to do so forever. Because what is free must remain free.


How often do we recommend taking the free exam?

Short answer: often! We offer the motorcycle exam for free so make sure to use it! The exam is always kept up to date so it also contains the latest CBR exam questions. Every question in the exam may soon be encountered on the real exam. It's a bonus if you already have it in your head, right?

So take the exam often and especially check which questions you answered incorrectly. Read the answer motivation and try to understand why you made the mistake. This is often a very instructive way of taking exams.

And if you have taken the exam so many times that you pass it completely flawlessly, then it is time to look further and practice with a motorcycle exam product. With such an exam product you can practice with 25 unique exams.

What if you failed the free motorcycle exam?

Do not panic! Even if you fail the free motorcycle exam, there is still nothing to worry about. is full of learning materials with which you can quickly update your motorcycle driving license theory knowledge.

After taking our free motor theory exam, take a look at our motor theory learning products. Each motor learning product includes access to our super popular online motorcycle theory book and motorcycle exam training. An ideal combination to quickly gain your knowledge of motorcycle theory!

So even if you fail, there is still not much going on. Take the exam as often as you want: it's free for a reason! And if you want to practice further, you can get started with a theory learning product or exam product.

Continue practicing with 25 motorcycle exams!

Taking a free exam is probably not enough for a good preparation for the motorcycle theory exam. We know that. And that is why we are happy to help you if you want to continue practicing with more motorcycle exams.

Check out our motorcycle exam products page. Each exam product provides access to 25 motorcycle exams. Enough to continue practicing for the time being. Good luck!

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