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Take a free motorcycle theory test and try a part of our e-learning for free. Whether you’re just starting out or already making progress, we’re here to help with your preparation. Good luck!

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Test your knowledge with our free motorcycle theory test. The questions are very similar to the real CBR exam, and you’ll immediately see if you’ve passed the test. Good luck!

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Dive into a portion of our motorcycle e-learning for free. This way, you get a good understanding of our teaching materials and also learn for your motorcycle theory, all for free.

Get started for free with a motorcycle theory exam and e-learning

On, you can try out the online motorcycle theory for free!

At, you have the opportunity to try both the online motorcycle theory exam and a part of our e-learning for free. How well do you already know the motorcycle theory? Are you ready for the actual exam at the CBR? Find out with our free motorcycle theory exam and learn with the motorcycle theory e-learning.

Only at Realistic online motorcycle theory exams and quality e-learning
You can find free exams on different websites, but only at do you find exams that closely match what the CBR will ask you. And on top of that, you get a preview of our e-learning, so you can see how we help you master the material. Try it out for free now!

Practice your motorcycle theory for free
The free motorcycle exam here offers you 50 questions that test your traffic knowledge and insight. Every question you encounter here could very well appear on the actual CBR exam. So pay attention to it! And don’t forget to take a look at our e-learning module.

Get started for free. Start learning and practicing for your motorcycle theory exam!

Ready for the next step?

You have been able to practice for your motorcycle theory for free on this page. To pass your motorcycle theory exam, we recommend practicing with one of our motorcycle theory products. This can be an exam package or a theory package that includes both exams and e-learning.

Motorcycle exam package

Have you already taken our free motorcycle theory test and want to be even better prepared? Then try our premium exam packages. Each package contains numerous practice exams that we have carefully compiled according to the latest rules of the CBR. Increase your chances of passing and make sure you’re fully prepared for your real exam. Start today with our exam packages!

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Motorcycle theory package

Don’t just prepare by taking theory exams, but also learn the theory with the help of our motorcycle e-learning. With this e-learning, you can learn the theory at a fast pace and effortlessly answer every motorcycle exam question. A motorcycle theory package offers a combination of exam practice and e-learning, which is the ideal mix for a successful preparation for the theory. Don’t wait any longer and start your preparation today!

Practice motorcycle theory
Our motorcycle theory exams are always up-to-date!

Our promise: always up-to-date motorcycle theory exams

We take updating our products very seriously. Because if our exams weren’t comparable to those of the CBR, then what use would they be to our customers? Exactly: none!

That’s why we do our utmost all year round to align our exams and e-learning with the latest CBR exams. We believe this is the best way to help our customers pass the motorcycle theory test. This is what we believe in and stand for.

Fortunately, we hear day in and day out from our customers that they have passed by practicing with our products. For us, that is the biggest motivation to continue doing what we love most: helping people pass the theory test. May we also help you pass?

Try it yourself: Learn motorcycle theory with a free e-learning demo!

Learning can sometimes be dull, but what if you could visualize it? Our e-learning offers that experience, and we invite you to try it out for free on this page! Using informative pictures and videos, motorcycle theory becomes tangible and easier to understand. And we guarantee you: everything is up-to-date and in line with CBR guidelines. Many customers have already been convinced by our visual learning method. Will you be the next? Start now and see for yourself!

Learn for your motorcycle theory for free. Try it out!

How often do we advise taking the free exam?

Short answer: Often! We offer the motorcycle exam for free, so why not use it? It is a very current exam and therefore also contains the latest CBR exam questions. Any question you encounter in the exam could also appear on the real exam later. It’s useful if you already know them!

Pay particular attention to the questions you answer incorrectly. Then study the explanations for the answers and try to understand why you got a particular question wrong. That is an effective and educational way to prepare.

And have you taken the exam so often that you fly through it without errors? Then it might be time to continue practicing with an exam package (25 unique motorcycle theory exams) or with a theory package (exams and e-learning).

What if you fail the free motorcycle exam?

Don’t panic! Even if you fail the free motorcycle exam, there is no cause for concern. offers a variety of learning resources to strengthen your motorcycle theory knowledge.

After taking the free motorcycle theory test, we recommend you take a look at our motorcycle theory learning products. Each learning product gives access to our efficient digital motorcycle theory book, and motorcycle exam training. An ideal combination to quickly bring your knowledge of motorcycle theory up to standard!

So even if you don’t pass, there’s no need to panic. Repeat the exam as often as you like; after all, it’s free! If you want to delve deeper, you might consider using a motorcycle theory learning product or a motorcycle exam package.

Why do we offer motorcycle theory for free?

We are often asked why we give away so much free motorcycle theory. Can’t we just charge our visitors for everything? Of course, that would be possible. But that does not fit our vision.

The exam is often underestimated. Maybe not by you, but certainly by many who will soon go to the CBR for the motorcycle theory test. They think they will ‘just pass’ the exam without much preparation but realize at the CBR that they should have practiced better.

By practicing a free motorcycle theory test at home, you immediately realize that passing the motorcycle theory test is not a matter of course. It’s quite a challenge! Good preparation is essential. Trying an exam for free is crucial for your preparation for the motorcycle theory test. You can see this as a baseline measurement: assessing how well you already master the material before you start practicing intensively. But also as an end measurement, to check after your study whether you are actually ready for the CBR exam.

However you use the free motorcycle theory test, we find it essential to offer this option for free practice. And we will continue to do so. Because what is free will always remain free with us.

Why we offer motorcycle theory for free.
Practice for your theory with realistic exams and quality e-learning.

Deepen your knowledge with motorcycle exams and e-learning!

One free exam is a good start, but perhaps not enough for optimal preparation for the motorcycle theory test. We are aware of this. That’s why we offer not only the opportunity to practice further with more motorcycle exams but also with our comprehensive e-learning.

Take a look at our page with motorcycle exam packages. Each package gives you access to 25 unique motorcycle exams. In addition, you can choose to continue practicing with a complete theory package. This allows you to practice with a combination of exams and e-learning, ideal if you want to learn the theory material as well as train yourself with exam practice. Good luck!

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Starting with motorcycle theory practice is very simple

Motorcycle exam package

Ready to pass your motorcycle theory exam with confidence? Practice with our motorcycle exam package. It gives you a clear picture of what is needed to succeed. Our experience shows that success in our exams often leads to success in the real exam. Interested? Click below and start practicing right away.

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Motorcycle theory package

Maximum preparation for your motorcycle theory exam? Our motorcycle theory package combines learning theory with realistic exam practices. Start learning, practice with exams, and improve yourself where necessary. The perfect preparation for success. Ready to start? Click below and start right away!

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